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As recently announced on the Polytheist Monastic web forum by co-founders Danica Swanson and Roger Finney, the newsletter will launch in late 2019 on Substack, and will feature in-depth writings from the co-founders of Black Stone Abbey (formerly known as The Black Stone Hermitage).

The Abbey is a live/work studio space in Portland, OR consecrated into service of the Ásynjur (goddesses) and other Holy Powers of Yggdrasil. It serves as an incubation space for our fledgling contemplative Order of polytheist-animist monastics inspired by pre-Christian Norse religious and folk traditions.

Also in the works is an as-yet-untitled book-length anthology on polytheistic monasticism edited by Janet Munin. Danica is serving as an editorial consultant for the anthology.

Questions? Contact: shrine.of.skadi at gmail dot com.

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